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Testing Equipments and Measuring Instruments

Electronics and machinery department, specializes in various test equipment, where it is proud to contribute to the quality improvement of products achieved in a wide range of industrial fields ranging from electronics to communication aerospace industries with such dynamic tests as vibration, shock and acceleration, along with measurement and analysis instruments, and production equipment.

In the recent days, a range of the products has been expanded with some products such as water quality monitoring system and, environmental data recorders and test equipment essential for the research and development to be conducted in the packaging and logistic fields taking into account the global environment which is becoming inevitable for business in the 21st century, along with various sensors, materials and production equipment for electronics use.

The division represents and distributes a wide range of the products in a wide scope of the fields, making efforts to provide the most updated information to them and develop its own products in commitment to customer satisfaction at all times.

  • AD/ADAS Test Equipment
  • Pressure Mapping, Force Measurement Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Shock Test Equipment
  • Vibration Test Equipment
  • Semiconductor Related Equipment
  • Data recorder