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Scientific Glassware, Apparatus and Bio Reagents

Contribution to Life Science

Life Science Department is committed to dealing with innovative and unique imported scientific products based on advance technology such as Biotechnological products, Drug Discovery products, Pharmaceutical products, Food Safety products and Environmental products

.In the biotechnology and drug discovery area, we are supplying apparatus, reagents and glassware for research purposes in the field of genomics, proteomics and immunology to universities, national and public institutions and laboratories and production process sectors of private companies. Our products are highly appraised on quality and innovation

In the pharmaceutical area, we are supplying on a timely bases high quality intermediates based on our long experience and wide range of information from domestic and international sources.

In food safety products area, we are supplying analytical instruments, measuring apparatus, inspection kits and reagents. Our long experience of ATP measuring technology meets the customerfs high responsibility for food hygiene control. We have an accredited gHACCP Lead Instructorh who holds of various seminars and customer supports, and contribute to food safety.

In environmental products area, we are supplying water quality analysis instruments and reagents to related establishments, national and public research centers and private companies.

  • Scientific and Medical Glassware and Apparatus
  • Molecular biological and Immunological Reagents
  • All kinds of Microfiltration Products for Analysis and Separation and Related Products
  • Detergents for Scientific Glassware Materials for Diagnoctics
  • Food Hygiene Control Instruments and Inspection Kits
  • Water Quality Testing Instruments & Kits