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Genomics, Proteomics and Cellular Engineering

History and Frontier

Life Science Department has over 30 years experiences in the business of laboratoryfs apparatus such as the well-known Wheatonfs glassware (US).

We are also offering Gene Transfer system and Genetic reagent kits in the research of Embryonic Stem Cell for Regenerative Medicine and Molecular Interaction (Bio Sensor) system and Cell disruption system for the purpose of researching protein.

Leap and Challenges

Based on our past achievements and existing activities as a trading company, having good access to worldwide information, we not only import products but also export Japanese superior technology and quality.

We have created great and rapid strides in the growing area of life science and the environment, expanding our product-line with new and high technology.

  • Research Instruments for Regenerative Medicine
  • Research Instruments for Genomics and Proteomics
  • Reagent Kits for Tailor-Made Medicine
  • Lyophilized Microorganisms delivered from Reference Culture
  • Export Business
  • Trade-Related Services