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Rapid Protein Detection Kit for Cleanliness Test

Fukitorimaster tests food residues (protein) on surface of knife, cutting board and cooking equipment at Kitchen in restaurants or nozzle, tank and filling machine in food production line. And it can tell the cleanliness by 4 different colors.


  • Protein Residue
  • Judgement by 4 different colors
  • Result is in 10 minutes
  • Not essential to have special equipment


  1. Pour 1mL of Reagent A by dropper
  2. And pour 1 or 2 drops of Reagent B
  3. Mix it well
  4. Wet a swab with Moisturizer
  5. Swab on the surface (10cmx10cm)
  6. Put the swab into tube and wait for 10 minutes and check the solution color by color chart

Judgement by solution color

Reaction time for reagent

Solution temperature Reaction and judgement time
15`25Ž 10 minutes
40`45Ž 3 minutes

Reaction time of color change in solution depends on the solution temperature. We usually recommend room temperature of 15`25Ž and reaction and judgement time is 10 minutes.

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Order Information

Cat No. Product Name Volume
F200 Fukitorimaster 200 test/box
  • Reagent A (2x100mL)
  • Reagent B@(1x20mL)
  • Moisturizer (1x20mL)
  • Swab(2x100–{)
  • Tube (5)
  • Color Checker (1)
  • Dropper 1mL(1)