Product outline Messring ADAC Car dummy

<NCAP standard product>
Car dummy system made by Messring GmnH is in accordance with NCAP specifications and is widely used for AEB (Autonomous Emergency brake) test. Dummy is designed to have almost same RCS (Radar Cross Section) over Radar & Laser as real object.

Product features

  • NCAP Standard
  • Static and Dynamic tests
  • Robust stracture
  • Possible to test easily and rapidly.

Performance, Specifications

  • Crash speed : 50km/h at max
  • Weight : 74kg(static), 126kg(Dynamic)
  • Towing speed : 80km/h at max
  • Total length including rail : 21.4m

Maker's HP

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Demand documents

Arbrown, Tokyo, Japan office : +81-(0)3-3545-5725

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