Product outline 4activeFB Large/Small, C2, MUSE, E-Scooter
(Freeboard Large/Small, Car dummy, Bike dummy, Chinese bike dummy)

<EuroNCAP standard products>
Products like dummies and freeboards made by 4activeSystems GmbH are in accordance of EuroNCAP specifications and were developed for AD/ADAS tests. Dummies have almost same RCS (Radar Cross Section) over Radar & Laser as real objects, and components like freeboads are designed not to reflect these sensors. Dummies can be crashed from any directions and can be set up easily again. They are the latest and suitable test system for any NCAP tests like EuroNCAP and JNCAP.

Features of products


  • Possible for car and truck to ride on with heavy loards.
  • Very low RCS
  • 3 wheels' driving
  • Integrated by GNSS/INS system (Novatel, OXTS, RaceLogic, Genesys, iMAR)
  • Safety system by safety network (Emergency stop, stop over specified line)
  • Complete waterproof by that all antenna are installed in drive unit.
  • High accuracy GPS + Glonass/IMU-RTK
  • Air suspension dumps shock and vibration coming from ground.

Car dummy

  • Same RCS as real car
  • Less than 2 minutes to reset up
  • Added refrection panel on front & rear
  • 3 dementional side mirror

Performance, Specifications

Freeboard Large

Speed : 80 km/h at max

Weight : 130 kg

Thickness : 50mm/85mm, Min/Max

Car dummy

Speed : 80 km/h at max

Crash speed : 65 km/h at max

Weight : 55 kg

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