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Multi Bio-Scanner MB-2000

Fast & Easy Colony Counter

The Multi Bio-Scanner MB-2000 system has specifically been designed and developed by utilizing unique compiled microbe automatic measuring technique with long experience in the field of microbiology.

t consists of versatile function for wide field of application. The following measurement is done by connecting with optional Personal Computer, and stored the sample data into the PC.

Measuring object

1. Inhibition Zone Measuremen

  • Data process by 4 cups Hi-Lo Method
  • Data process by 6 cups Standard Curve Method
  • Data process is corresponding to Japan Antibiotic Standard,measured by Cup Method, Hole Method and Disk Method

2. Colony Count

  • Numerical Count of Colonies
  • Area of each Colonies/li>



Measuring Object Inhibition zone and Colony on agar media in Round Petri Dish
Measuring Petri Dish Round Petri Dish, smaller than 90mmƒ³
Measuring time 0.5 sec./one Petri Dish
Diameter of Inhibition Zone measurement Comply with Cup-method, Hole-method and Disc-method
Illumination system Bottom-Transmission and Dark-Field Illumination system
CCD Camera 1,500,000 pixel with USB terminal
Measuring sensitivity adjustment automatic/manual
OS of PC better than Windows 98
Personal Computer Optional
Power Supply Step-down transformer for userfs electricity is supplied.