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ycat# NRC-20DzMini Rotary mixer

Mini Rotary Mixer is a compact version of rotary mixer,NRC-20D has a high rotating capacity of up to 12 micro tubes at the same time, for reaction experiments such as extraction of@DNA from cells. It has 2 shocking pins at both upper and lower position for gTappingh. The swing arm can move from horizontal to perpendicular (0`90 degree). One additional tube holder can be added (A-1.5 option) for rotation up to 24 micro tubes at once.


Number of rotations 1 ` 15 rpm
Controlled by Variable range
Variable range of swing arm 0 ` 90 degree
Dimension W160~D155~H190mm (W160~D155~H230mm)
Electric Power AC 100V 50/60 Hz, 1A
Weight 1.2kg