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Think Quality & Create Value

Having "adventurer spirit" in mind, "Think Quality and Create Value"

Meanings of the words in the philosophy

British gentleman, Albert. RichardDBROWN who is the roots of AR Brown Co., Ltd. made a significant contribution to Japan modernization in Meiji Era based on request from the Meiji government. We are proud of his achievements and we have been taking over his positive can-do spirit. Meaning for each of the words is as follows.

Successful Adventurer

Challenger who never gives up but deliver results successfully with supports from many stakeholders believing that abundant world can be built

Trading activities to deliver edged solutions

Find and deliver new solutions to the market

Contribute creation of new values

Help social evolution happen by new values created by activities based on altruism

Think Quality

Not remaining with quality improvement but think qualities and find solutions accepting diversities and differences in order to move to a higher quality phase

Create Value

Delivering higher quality level of solutions, help the customer create new values, resulting in contribution to social evolution